Are Learning Styles useful? Evidence-based?

Today, educators, students, corporations, and others have access to a great number of different learning styles questionnaires and inventories. VARK is just one example of the many available to use: VARK questionnaire

In my opinion, knowing your learning style preference may help you as a learner in certain circumstances. It may also be useful to an educator who wants to get to know each students’ learning preference. Although there are a fair number of studies to date on the use of learning styles in education, there is a lack of higher level randomized research studies that support that different kinds of learners benefit from different types of teaching styles (Association of Psychological Science, 2009). I personally think that I’d like to try out the universal instructional design (UID). It creates conditions conducive to all learners!

Learning styles debunked: There is no evidence supporting auditory and visual learning, psychologists say. Association of Psychological Science. (2009, Dec 16). Retrieved from:


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